1. Amazing effort and very helpful thank you. I am not sure how you did your calculations but I noticed as a small miner that the estimated yield goes up when the price goes up. So my little farm was yielding 1ETH per month at the peak, but now is down to around 0.63 per month. So if the price goes up BEFORE the end, say in August, that would effect the ROI substantially. Also my gut feel is that is going to end mid to late 2022 as they will delay it yet again. Subbed and liked

  2. Meh ! 15% less profitability after eip 1559 implemented isn't a big deal at all. I just keep dreaming that POS will continue to delay until the 4 Quarter of 2022 so that i could pay off my GPUs price in peace . Anyway just my dream !!

  3. Quick question: isn't 3060 launched as LHR version? How could hash rate been up to 50? And if it's not LHR the price of 3060 should be way higher.

  4. Awesome vid! I almost cried when i heard a 480 does 32mh/s tho, i have a few 570s and i cant get them above 28 mh/s without the bios mod AND the polaris guides ive found dont work for my cards cause the software wont recognize the proper memory type 🙁

  5. Sadly, here in America, GPU prices are SUBSTANTIALLY higher than your spreadsheet. I know I could replicate your assessment – but the results would be depressing. 🙁 Capitalism is NOT as beneficial to making profit as you might imagine.

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