CEX.IO Learn & Earn quiz

CEX.IO Learn & Earn quiz

Terms and conditions

🔹 The CEX.IO Learn and Earn quiz is running from August 2 to August 8, 2021, 23:59:59 UTC*.

🔹 You can complete the quiz only once during the promotion period. 

🔹 To qualify for the reward, you need to be in the first 100 participants who solve the quiz and get verified (or already have a verified account).

🔹 We’ll be distributing rewards to the participants who have fulfilled BOTH requirements on a first-come-first-served basis and until the prize pool runs out. This means if you fulfill one of the requirements after 100 prizes are distributed or the 2,000 USDT prize pool is gone — you missed it.


🔹 We don’t oblige to give the exact date then the prize pool runs out. The quiz will be open for a week. After, we’ll close it, analyze the results and distribute the rewards to the eligible participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

🔹 Successful customers will receive their USDT rewards to their CEX.IO accounts within 14 business days after the end of this promo. If USDT is unsupported for your account, we’ll send you the USD equivalent.


🔹 Who can participate

We are launching this Learn & Earn quiz to the residents of the countries where CEX.IO operates (see the unsupported countries here) with the exemption of India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Bangladesh.

If your country is ineligible to participate in this promo activity, stay tuned for the next one! We work hard on expanding the list of countries-participants.


🔹CEX.IO may disqualify participants that are deemed to be illegally bulk registered and/or verified accounts. CEX.IO may disqualify participants without explaining the reasons.

🔹CEX.IO reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions to launch special offers/activities/services, and may restrict their availability in certain countries or regions.

*The dates and terms & conditions of this promotion may change at CEX.IO’s discretion.


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