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  6. So come to Florida then! The governor of Florida has already stated several times that he welcomes them. I still don't get why all other crypto is down though? If you stop & think about it it makes no sense whatsoever!? All this SHOULD'VE meant the price of BTC skyrocketing, but even if it hadn't it still shouldn't have made a difference to the rest? Many of the ALTs serve an actual purpose & are needed for certain things, so suddenly no one is creating NFT's, Dapps, or doing ANYTHING on the blockchain? It's been around too long & is used by too many businesses to just suddenly be no more. BTC alone has been declared dead OVER 400 TIMES in the past 10 years! Entire friggin countries are adopting BTC as legal tender (which is kinda dumb) & most of those that own millions and billions in BTC are still "hodling" long-term, so don't count it out yet. I just can't wait for the majority of the ALTs to quit moving in tandem with BTC. It's unnecessary & inane.

  7. China as a model?
    Power from coal fired has increased. #1 producer of tobacco in the world. Avg.salary of city and rural workers in China after how many years of free technology, free trade and boat loads of money invested in china..
    Than maybe we can talk about military base on a reef destroying it in the ocean
    And human rights and ECT ect ECT

  8. 1 gigawatt to mine 1 bitcoin, mostly powered from coal fired.
    USA has cut carbon emmision now they want to bring miners to Florida and Texas, stay away.
    1 gigawatt = 3.15 million PV photovoltaic panels

  9. If they get into texas mine other coins to show appreciation to opportunity
    And come see BM in AC
    Im waiting for them to get
    Here we love bitcoin miners
    Hurry up and Move
    Already i don't have all day

  10. If they ban bitcoin miners
    they will become the New
    Dodge coin when their
    New e currency comes out
    Or they could let them stay
    That way chinas new ecurrency would pass bitcoin in value as they
    Convert but they are not
    That smart 😛😛😛😛😛🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  11. HBAR, doge , XRp are wayyyyyy cheaper to mine than Bitcoin! Barely a notch on the electric meter compared to Bitcoin. China should ban Bitcoin mining only

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  14. I've been depressed due to my outstanding debts and have tried mining bitcoin just to see if i can get something out of it to pay my debts but all to no avail until i was referred to #Mizehack on instagram who totally changed my life, i was able to pay all my debts in a day and thanks to #Mizehack i am totally debt free and today I have nothing to worry about ..

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