Limitless blockchain exists: The Internet Computer

Limitless blockchain exists: The Internet Computer

The Internet Computer is home to some groundbreaking innovations in cryptography. Some of their inventions are:

Threshold Relay
Probabilistic Slot Consensus
Chain Key Cryptography
Noninteractive Distributed Key Generation
The Network Nervous System (NNS)
Internet Identity

The Internet Computer’s process of signing off signatures is managed as quickly as possible, enabling it to do thousands of requests per second. That’s why dApps like online chats and social media are available on ICP.

Zero-knowledge-proof technology reduces the redundant operations that take too much computational power and time to proceed. It also makes the network more secure because all of the parties involved don’t know the content of their sharing documents.


A good analogy for Canister smart contracts, which run on Internet Computer subnets, is document compression — you don’t need to yet you can quickly exchange all the necessary data without needing to transfer bulky files. It conveys only the information that the other party needs to know (got password? – yes).

Instead of one subnet, as on other blockchains, the Internet Computer may have hundreds of thousands of them.

Moreover, the revolutionary concept is that any participant can access all these subnets with only one private key — it happens to be a secret key of one root subnet — there is one small section that lists all keys of all the ICP subnets.

Each smart contract contains only 32 bytes of data. Together with an intricate chain of signatures, this network becomes fast and infinitely scalable.

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