1. Looks like budget pc gaming entry level Gaming is doom to fail.
    You either need a ton of cash to game which equals downfall of pc eSports.

    No pc = no one buys games.

    I have budget of 3000$ to put on pc including peripherals.

  2. The absurdity of crypto currencies continues to baffle me. Barely anyone at all is using them and they already require billion dollar companies with warehouses full of graphics cards … we gonna need a dyson sphere around our sun to make crypto the future of currency…

  3. I’m not a minor but I thought about getting into it for quite awhile. I have been a gamer forever. I don’t think anyone person has more right to a video card and another. I think most of the blame for the Proms are the manufacturers who are too lazy to address the issues of supply and demand.We need market disruption and someone to do for chips at Teslas’ doing for cars.

  4. If GPUs and new gen gaming consoles are being scalped and bought massively by non-gamers, wouldn't that impact the sales of developers that aim exclusively at the highest hardware requirements? It might be smart strategy to go back on RT and other recent technologies to focus on optimizing for old hardware, at least for some time until more potential customers get their hands on updated hardware. Although old GPUs lock us out precisely from other optimization advancements like DLSS.

  5. This of course applies to CPU's & GPU's but if all retailers would limit sales to 1 per house address, cross referenced by CC information & account per day or week that would help the retail channel. Of course that would piss off the flippers/scalpers but these are the same kind of people that short sell stocks so they can take some pain.

  6. AMD and nVidia may act like they're trying to stop the miners, but that's just showboating. In *reality*, they're happy AF miners are doing their thing. Their cards are selling out instantly.
    The are in the business of manufacturing and *selling* video cards. Miners buy video cards. It's just good business, even if there's a little bad publicity, they're making a fucking FORTUNE off miners, and any cards the miners don't sweep up, the gamers are waiting in hour-long lines to snag whatever crumbs are left.

  7. Yeah… you helped us clear things up and also helped us realize, it is far worse then we thought.
    We knew it was bad. We knew it was really bad. We are POed about it… We didn't know it was THIS BAD!!!

  8. What about global warming? Thrust me cryptocurrency will stop soon. The growth is exponentially. Its only a question of time. Its impossible to grow all those electrizity wasters up to infinity…There will be an End soon. With the global warming issues we have at the moment and translating from combustion to electric motors for cars tryingt to save energy globally cryptominers are non welcome….They go in the opposite direction consume more and more….So one day it will be illegal.

  9. An older process is not less efficient. Look at the RX580s, which are essentially RX 480s, those are really old and reach 32MH at 80W. Vega 56 and 64 does 50MH at 120W. It's not so much the process node, but the underlying architecture. Cores can be designed for lowest power consumption at a specific clock frequency for a target hash rate.

  10. Why should miners be restricted from buying cards? How is gaming any more legitimate use than mining or actual work with your card? Mning makes money, gaming is a hobby

  11. Another thing that is apparently done by retailers to fight miners is bundling the few cards they get only with complete systems. Can't get any new Nvidia 30xx card here in Germany right now except some insanely expensive 3090s, but some Gaming PC Builds include a 3070 at least… which sucks for people like me who prefer building stuff themselves and upgrading one part at a time 🙁

  12. Hey! Says Nvidia. We don't have to produce no stinking cards for you.! We have real money coming from Bankers and speculators not just a bunch of hot pocket eating fat nerds. So shut up. Stay in line. Maybe eventually we will give you something. If we're not busy making money with far more sophisticated people than you.
    ( In case you were wondering, yes, this was supposed to be humorous and ironic. But nevertheless it is still true.)

  13. Limited in their ability to stop mining? Rubbish. We are talking about nanometer tech yet you are claiming the manufacturers are incapable of a workaround. Nonsense. They do not do so because of blatant self-interest and greed. Frankly, quite disappointed in the apathy on display with this editorial. Mining is an all-around bad idea: from the sue of fossil fuels to power these racks, to the diversion of said gpus from people forced to work from home, from the criminal resale of these heavily used gpus afterwards, and the fact these manufacturers are selling directly to miners takes the cake. Very disappointing establishment stance.

  14. Just change Proof of Work to Proof of Stake cryptos more profitable and all GPU miners will stop buying GPUs and focus to buy more cryptos to keep them in wallet and STAKE.

  15. just sell one to each consumer per day. that way there will be always supply. the guys that wanna mine will have their cards (in time), and the gamers will have their 1 card immediately. or do it via commision, limiting deliveries as 1 per day. so, the guy that wants to have their 200 cards, will have to wait 200 days, instead of kicking out the guy that wants only 1 card.

  16. here goes
    i have not seen this anywhere on the net
    one of the first asics for eth was the bitmain e3
    the chip on that "asic" was the bm1680, irc
    that is the same chip on the sophon tensor processor cards. now the units on the cards that perform the math are the tensor units
    the cards have been able to mine eth for a while a bitcointalk search will reveal that.
    i dont understand why someone does not use the tensor cores on nvidia since the e3 and the sophon are basically the same thing

  17. How long did you guys wait for your RTX 3000? I ordered (and paid) for mine 3070 gigabyte on 30.10.2020 and I still didn't receive it……

  18. Gaming on PC on 1000+ usd every year GPU with such bad performance why? Last year RTX 2080 ti is funny bad on 4k. Who is crazy consoles are for gaming. And average peple will never invest in products which when it is not capable for mining are useless, just big miners will buy gpu only for mining and cry in 3 years after

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