100K Minimum bid VR NFT Art Auction

100K Minimum bid VR NFT Art Auction
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Abide by the drop on Twitch from https://www.twitch.television set/terravirtua

Setting up shortly 2PM BST long lasting until eventually 27th.

Auction lasts on Terra Virtua from right now until eventually the 27th in the course of the AIBC Summit in Dubai.

The VR Glasses and the get the job done will be offered to see the two at the convention as effectively as privately on ask for.


Observe the sneak peak film right here from VESA’s studio.


It was 1st an artwork commissioned by an early anonymous crypto OG, who revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto is 8 distinctive authorities in their fields. ‘The story of Bitcoin consequently far’ took me 5 months to change into an artwork, and a further more six months with the 3D wizard Frank Spalteholz, as properly as composer Mighty33 to remodel it into an special VR artwork.

The piece has a 30-minute mini-documentary about it, explaining the substance. Check out in this article

The very first out of 10 NFT is reserved for the secret OG, who may possibly be a single of the 8 individuals, and 9 many others will now be offered to the marketplace with a Varjo headset. The Finnish company Varjo has the world’s most superior VR headset, only obtainable for industrial gamers like Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Volvo, and so on. The headset is not commercially available and has an astonishing 8K resolution that persons fly airplanes with and perform operation in big hospitals – and you. The NFT will come with the headset, controllers, a impressive laptop computer, and a bodily signed massive print duplicate of the initial edition. It is established up for troubleshooting remotely to make sure a clean transition.

You can see a 2D preview of the function here, as perfectly as hear the glorious soundtrack by Mighty, which captures the threat, stress, and electrical power of the Bitcoin island properly in its purgatory.

The 2D model

Wanna very own astronaut grade VR goggles unavailable elsewhere on the marketplace? The artwork will come with a beast of a notebook, The Varjo VR2pro headset, and a distant troubleshooting mechanism. Check out Varjo.com 

100K USD minimum amount bid

The bids for the 2/10 variation will begin from 100K USD, but as we know that people like exclusive matters, for this very initially edition only, we will supply a ‘buy now’ selection for 1M USD, which suggests no other versions will arrive to current market. It will then be a 2/2.

Check out VESA address this in a tweet previously this morning

Have a appear at this interview with the co-founder Gary about why Terra Virtua is a major deal in the NFT house, and their artwork segment will quickly be a pressure to be reckoned with listed here.

V E S ACrypto & NFT ArtistAll hyperlinks to physical, NFTs, and more belowhttp://linktr.ee/ArtByVesa

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