1. Hi bro, In a month how much do you think I will earn with 2 rtx 3070? I have the Asus 3070 TUF, and I was thinking of buying if it makes a profit about two more or even four, since my motherboard has 6 slots. Let's see if you help me with my question if it is profitable to buy more 3070 in the future.

  2. Guys, What do you think about crypto mining? I think it is great side hustle business that can help you increase your income. If all crypto goes up as influencers said i think we will have a lot of money. That I think. I mine with cards. I got them at IMINERS,CO. They have great prices.

  3. That is safe wiring there for those 2x8pin? You use just one cable?
    TDP for RTX3070 is over 250w and single cable cant do that safely….
    Speaking about ROI when price for gpu is in fact unknown….or its +1500eur 🙂
    And why tha hell would you put gpus so close to each other?
    Overall I dont like this setup, looks nice but thats all

  4. Appreciate your comment!, Message my trusted Cryptocurrency professional and investor Mr Joshua to guide you on how to make more profit mining cryptocurrency

  5. It's not about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies, I was ignorant doing so…so I decided to try Mr Joshua and ever since then he's has made about $14,000 for me on every $5,000 I invested just in 2weeks

  6. I made a case from (3) 8' Aluminum square tubing and (1) 8' 1×2 wood square from home depot for $65 dollars. Put it all together and assembled it enough room for (6) 3080 cards fit on it. I currently have (1) 3080 , (1) 3060 and (1) 6900xt. I am performing my own baseline on each card to see what my ROI is and for 1 week of mining im at $245.36, the 3080 and 3060 being most profitable.

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