50,000 ZIL Staking Winterfest on CEX.IO

Free Bitcoin

Earn more with CEX.IO and Zilliqa this winter! Participate in ZIL staking, earn rewards, and a chance to win 1,000 ZIL. Check the rules and don’t miss your chance to win free crypto! 


Did someone say free crypto? 

Yes, we did! And here’s how you can win it:

Step 1: Deposit or buy 1,000 ZIL or more at CEX.IO from December 6 to December 31, 2021.


Step 2: Hold them on your CEX.IO account and participate in automated staking through December 31, 2021

Step 3: Win free ZIL! 50 random participants who meet the above conditions will receive 1,000 ZIL each.

The CEX.IO Staking service offers you flexibility. While your ZIL tokens participate in staking, you can trade or withdraw them. You’ll receive your reward at the end of the staking period (see dates on the Staking page). Your bonus will be credited to your account shortly thereafter. 

But remember:

Only customers who buy or deposit 1,000 ZIL or more after December 6, and keep them on account through December 31, will qualify for the 1,000 ZIL prize.

The more you stake, the more you earn. Your staking reward depends on the number of tokens and the period for which they remain on your account.

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