1. Soooooooo you’re saying I should keep putting spare change into raven and hold cause the price should be going up when the mining returns start halving? Sorry I eat rocks half of what I heard I went over my head so I bought more rvn.

  2. the question now is: can home mining survive with nvidia denying cards to miners once again? xd Cryptocurrency is going to be centralized, only businesses dedicated to mining can have access to cmp graphics cards and gpus will not mine efficiently anymore. Have to thank nvidia for that once again…

    And ofc, home miners dont even want cmp to begin with bcs it has no re-sell value, unless ofc it is a good price, which i doubt it will ever be xd

  3. Ok, I'm sort of new to all this but personally, I have to re watch this. My question is…..if the profitability of Ethereum is cut, what are the alternatives to mine? I understand that mining other coins might not be profitable to mine but maybe they will increase in price?! May sound like a dumb question but I'm just trying to find my feet.
    I like the matter of fact of the video, even if I can't understand everything. Subscribed!

  4. I'm new to all this, so maybe I just don't understand, but in the Ethereum dev docs on PoS it says, "For Ethereum, users will need to stake 32 ETH to become a validator.", so will people need $64,000 USD worth of ETH to participate in PoS? Seems antithetical to what mining was supposed to be, where everyone can participate, not "the rich get richer" as it has become. I mean right now you can participate with a 4 year old GPU, after PoS, you'll need to stake a year's worth of income or more, that kinda move would make me not touch ETH out of principle alone.

  5. Hey, I just recently discovered your channel and I really appreciate your effort. Just curious, are you a veteran? I was in and some of your terminology makes me think you are. 😅

  6. If the Ethereum developers insist on cutting profits on ETH then all the GPU miners will disappear. Ethereum will end up with only ASICs on their network and everything will concentrate down to just a handful of ASIC farms in China mining ETH. This is a huge security risk but the Ethereum developers were warned about this but they passed EIP 1559 anyway. They will get what they deserve. If they want the Chinese controlling what transactions get processed and what transactions don't then that's their own fault for passing 1559.

  7. ive mined before you lot where in nappies , ill say this only this year i have mined eth , i still cant see why everyone rates it ,plenty of other coins to make money on so why are people so angry let them do want they want who cares we will mine something else plenty out there to choose from , i got 5 coins i mine and they nearly all make same as eth , i think maybe people are just thick and only know how to mine one token lol lol.

  8. I find the whole "greedy miners" narrative coming from many in the Ethereum community quite disturbing, as if they've forgotten that miners spend time, money, and energy on securing the network. The real greedy people are the ones expecting something for nothing, and assume a 5 figure percentage gain in their "investment" to go with it.

  9. @Bits Be Trippin' my eng is bad, i cant understand much, my question ,raven later will it be profit in the same way as eth right now or probably higher or lower? pls simple answer

  10. When ETH loses its mining capability, then ETC wi pickup the miners and the price would soar on Ethereum Classic that is 100% compatible and runs 100% Solidity.

  11. If anyone mining now wasn’t around in 2018…all u heard was dump your GPUs. ETH is going proof of stake. And now look at profitability. Right before and maybe immediately after EIP11559 everyone will be selling their GPU’s again for pennies on the dollar compared to purchase price. Don’t underestimate the power of these big farms with 1000’s of GPUs to pump the hell out of RVN, and start another mining bullrun. Mining is no different than the market. $$$, the FUD, then panic, then wish you held your ground. Just keep on mining guys

  12. all i can express is gratitude for the educational information i arrived to your channel thanks to Son of a tech , and just thanks ! for everything. im doing 2 dolars a day on 1060 6gb , and it has been a lifesaver , what is going on on Chile (my country) right now plus the Covid, and corruption, this has been a complete lifesaver , its not much but it allowed to put food on the table . thanks for the education , for taking the time to give us all this wonderfull information and education .

  13. What about the 5600 xt on what to mine the 5600xt with 6 gpu rig would be around 780 watts and 105 mh/s on kawpow and with the bios the 5600xt could get better wastage I here . im still new so I could be totally off base lol still learning your feedback would be amazing .

  14. Been mining RVN since last year. Went from getting around 400 RVN per day to now getting maybe 50 – 60. Was hoping to get many more coins before more people caught on to RVN.

  15. Ethereum miners need to invest in development of new zkRollup constructs that can increase zkRollup utility and bring about their mass-adoption, so that their GPUs can go to work creating validity proofs for Rollups on Ethereum.

    Another promising avenue: grid computing coordinated by Ethereum smart contracts. Allowing GPU computing to be sold anywhere in the world through a decentralized market could provide a massive source of revenue for GPU owners.

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