Hacktivist collective Anonymous takes aim at Elon Musk. Who cares?

Hacktivist collective Anonymous takes aim at Elon Musk. Who cares?
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It is the common Anonymous modus operandi: a monologue deserving of a super villain, a perceived assault on an unique proper or general public fantastic, some man in a Dude Fawkes mask, and a full large amount of fizzbang-wowie online video effects and voice distortion. 

But as the hacktivist collective will take goal at a new target in Elon Musk, the latest “expect us” danger prompts the dilemma: who cares?

Yesterday, a video clip purportedly from the Nameless collective warned that there is now a joint intelligence working against him:

The monologue was meandering, noting that “your fanboys ignore these concerns because they are centered on the possible superior that your jobs can carry to the globe,” taking intention at Musk’s qualifications as the heir to a south African mining firm, and accusing him of attempting to “create a Bitcoin Mining Council was rightly witnessed as an endeavor to centralize the industry and take it underneath your management.”


What seriously captivated the ire of this particular team, having said that, is that smaller sized fry traders may possibly have been negatively impacted by Musk’s modern Twitter shenanigans.

“Reading from the feedback on your Twitter posts, it looks that the online games you have performed with the crypto markets have destroyed life. Millions of retail traders have been truly counting on their crypto gains to strengthen their life,” the masked man grumbles.

Anonymous is hardly the only social gathering to have taken issue with Musk’s cynical Tweeting as of late, but it is unclear if they can do one thing about it. 

The group’s electric power would seem to have waned in the latest years. Their peak arguably came for the duration of Task Chanology, an work aimed at delegitimizing and degrading the influence of the Church of Scientology. They attacked internet websites, published mystery information and facts, and even sent a near-naked gentleman covered in pubic hair and vaseline to trash a Church site. Bless you, Agent Pubit.

In new years, their successes have been less even though their threats have been several. Recent targets consist of the government of Nigeria, the Minneapolis law enforcement department, and the jail system of Thailand. In all cases, it is unclear what, if any, battles they managed to win.

The efficacy or legitimacy of Anonymous’ endeavours are practically irrelevant, however. Anonymous and blockchain ideology are two overlapping, but eventually separate mental actions, and incidents like this video emphasize the variations amongst the two.

Bitcoin was founded by a pseudonymous specific or collective named Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi selected to stage absent from his generation, liberating the tech of statements like Anonymous’. Bitcoin will not need anyone’s aid it is an elegantly designed network which will all but certainly outlast Elon Musk, and it may well even outlast all memory of his achievements.

This is how cypherpunks struggle: with code, not cosplay. Nameless, respectfully, we’re fantastic.

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