1. If this is trolling, so be it! Without getting into the nitty-gritty of crypto mining, etc, what is the point when profits (gross profits) are so low? Maybe it's me, maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get it!

  2. How profitable? Are you a multimillionaire yet. Is the all the realize gain now more than an network engineer job yet. When will u sell everything and exit or will u continue to mine ETH even after EIP.

  3. Hello

    What is a good mining motherboard for the 1660 super? i have 4 of them puppies and would like to try my hands on mining.
    I will also need a cpu, poower supply that can handle maybe at least 6 1660s and risers too and the open air rig as well. A newbie miner here just like to have some knowledge on crypto mining.

    I would like to try it on windows 10 first using phoenix miner or nice hash before i go to hive os.

    Any tips from you will be greatly appreciated.

  4. I am a Canadian who has access to a 42,000 square foot data center that has lots of rack space. We currently have 8 racks with Ethereum rigs, what if you could mine from a Canadian where the USD to CAD dollar averages $1.30 so kilowatt hours are 30 per cent cheaper.

  5. I'm watching your video for the first time on ethereum ming and I'm taking away from it the old dogs that was latest grated did not perform at all over time, so I'm getting this negative to not waisted time in it then I'm broadsided by the statement with the new thing cards nvids or micros it's profitable… So which is it

  6. Currently I was mining on nicehash. Watched your videos and started to mine ether with lolminer on ethermine.org. I just noticed that my hashrate is way lower on ethash than on dagerhashimoto (40.1mh/s vs 34 mh/s) . When I mine ether on my own I make less money compared to nicehash. Would you guys still suggest mining ether instead of renting my hardware to nicehash? Pretty new to the whole topic. Energy costs in germany are very high so ever bit of profit matters… thx

  7. Id like to run rx580 8gs x12 and maybe even x18 of them what are your thoughts i wanna go huge and i feel we are in the new bottom and people are waking up and will keep buying

  8. Escolhi a criptomoeda BDM DIGITAL. Pois estou à quase 1 ano, e tem valorização média de aproximadamente 10% ao mês.
    Por que escolhi essa ? Porque tem 7 empresas como lastro, CNPJ, e endereço.
    E tem poder de compra, já tem 400 estabelecimentos que aceitam pagamento com essa moeda digital, e está aumentando rápido.
    E o débito é imediato, tem demorado entre 8 e12 segundos.

  9. Unless the July MEV is different to what I’m seeing now then we’re royally screwed when the extra reward is burned. The 2-3 ETH rewards we are seeing in almost every block will be replaced with fractional amounts. I think the biggest MEV value I’ve seen so far is 0.5 ETH.
    Oh well it’s been an interesting ride. Let’s see how the rest of this journey goes.
    GG to you all.

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