1. Has anyone in the comments used this vid to build this rig? If so, how did it go for you?

    A buddy of mine and I are going to buy the components next week, and soon as we get them, we'll be building this rig. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  2. Some GPU's draw alot of power via the riser so I would not recommend powering the riser with that Sata adapter as it can melt the plastic connector. Molex or 6 pin pcie is safest.

  3. I am just gonna say this in my opinion, this video is terrible, it doesn't explain a lot of stuff.
    Yes, it is clear and all, but many things were just brushed off like they aren't important, especially for newbies.
    Oh and That frame, holy shit I have anxiety from the way you hold those GPUs up…
    There are no proper ESD prevention techniques used. 0/10

  4. To build a mining rig you need aluminium angles and wooden blocks… are you sure? I think you mean to build YOUR rig. "Random Access Memory", "Central Processing Unit", oh Motherboard do you mean to do it?

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