1. Hey Vosk, I am new to mining and have visited several of your videos. One thing that would help is knowing when these videos were made, especially for hardware reviews. Love the channel, very informative and comprehensive.

  2. If your using 60 amps to run your computers you will need 60 amps to cool it plus efficiency loss or about 75 amps that's about 6 tons of cooling. A mini split won't cover it you will need a full on AC or just use a big ducted fan to try to dump the heat. your cost to run will essentially double.

  3. You Sold Your Mining Shed… But Hey, All's Not Loss, Your Channel Has 10s Of 1,000s Of Subscribers, Your Dog's Still Alive & You Met A Beautiful Miss Vosk

  4. Don t know if you are still giving Ether but here ya go!! I love this channel and getting the best info in my opinion on the net.

  5. I realize this was in July so you might have already come up with a remedy to the garage situation but just encase you haven't I have a couple Ideas as an hvac tech.

    Mini split systems are coming out that are higher efficiency.

    Ik a wall ac system isn't particularly pretty but it would easily remedy the situation if theres an available exterior wall.

    Theres no way to just add an additional duct from the existing home ac system into the garage?

    Would setting up a good portion of your equipment in your friends or dads sheds that you are gonna help build an option? And just pay them back for the electricity.

    Well either way I'm interested in whatever you choose as a solution.

    If you ever have any air xiaoping related questions feel free to message me anytime brother.

    Btw I absolutely love your channel and just signed up to be a paying member. You have a level of integrity that is rarely seen and I respect that very much.

    Your videos have been the main reason I've finally decided to take the leap from just trading and holding to also start actively mining crypto.

    I wish I had the confidence to set up one id the awesome GPU mining rigs you've shown on your channel but I'm scared to screw everything up at this point so I'm leaning towards getting a whatsminer M20S atm.

    Sorry for the long message lol.

    Thank you and keep up the great content!

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