1. Awe. I almost built a APU and figured it may be kinda ok, but got disuaded because the good APUs are for OEM guys only and still all parts are hugely inflated. Let me know if you've looked into it

  2. @How Much – I liked and subscribed to your channel, now please answer my question – Which one of these laptop gaming models is best for mining? –
    GE76 Raider 11UG-054
    GE76 Raider 11UH-053
    GE76 Raider 11UH-245 ?

  3. I am mining on an omen 17 laptop wirh rtx 2070 super and its temperagure is about 50-55°C
    I don't know if i can have problems in the future, I've been mining for 4 months without any problem

  4. Wow I'm on a 15r2 alienware and a graphics amp with rtx2070 super at 45m/hs was Going to upgrade to a 30 card in a laptop problem not worth it hmmm

  5. You know nothing about clocking in after burner with mining.

    My 3070 laptop smokes your 3080.
    I get 68hash stable with 130watt.

    It’s all about 1080mhz core locked with 725mv and +1600/2000 memory.

  6. Watched your Video and was awsome…. might i ask what drivers do you use on the 3080 as ive got a 3080 16g and it caps out at between 3 to 4usd i havent used msi after butner though… could you please advise me if possible?

  7. eth and etc tok a hit last night … do you know something ? please share with us 😀 …. i noticed you prefer to be paid in bitcoin so you prefer bitcoin instate of eth witch can go up to 50 k in just 3 years my prediction and etc 7 k ….. but i may be wrong …please correct me 😀

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