1. Hey thanks for this awesome video DJ Stacktrace!!

    Your doing some real "sidechain" stuff with blockchain hashing🙃…you know…ducking the radar when needed!!

    I've got some requests for you.
    Maybe, make videos on
    . Apparent clarity on legalities, on AWS, GCP and Azure, while claiming disclaimer,of course.
    . Doing 10 hour performance tests on different algorithms.
    . Covering other cloud services, that will probably offer more features, probably at the tradeoff of latency or maybe uptime.

    Thank you for creating an awesome informative video!!
    Cheers mate!

  2. Dude, sorry for the stupid question, but is mining cryptocurrencies allowed on AWS EC2? I thought it was forbidden to do this type of activity there because of the excessive use of the GPU.

  3. GCP gives 300 dollar free for starting out. If I am able to get 100 people and benefits out of their account , it would be huge. And some university gives aws credits to students and staff which can be converted to cash through mining. Is it illegal to do that?

  4. You can actually run a good aws top of the line on a free account by changing your billing methods with a prepaid giftcard so that way when they terminate your account you really don't have to pay anything. It takes atleast 2 weeks for the account to terminate and 2 weeks is still a lot of money for free. 😀 Happy mining!

  5. How didn't you get banned did you wrote something to them or did you do something cuz une time i tried to mine monero the next day i was bannes!????

  6. Hi, I setup the same instance as you did on aws, the pd4 instance with nvidia A100 but upon running ethminer i get errors of OpenCL and mining device not found,,what could i be doing wrong?

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