1. EDIT 2: I made a full written guide with more up to date information that you can find here: https://miningchamber.com/gpu-mining/guides/mining-pools-explained/
    EDIT: I have added subtitles with the accurate words for both parts so please feel free to use the subtitles if you can't understand it clearly!

    You have addressed your opinions and I have listened. I apologize for the part of Alex being hard to understand due to the accent. I did not think much of it since I am thankful that he was willing to explain it to us but yes, I agree, it should be clear so that everyone can understand it. I will make the second part of this video with me going over the technicals based on what I learned from Alex. Thank you guys for your honesty <3 As for now, feel free to check from the recap at 05:13 if you can't understand Alex's part.

    I also forgot to select the giveaway winners, disappointing — Big FACEPALM. Selecting in the next video coming out this week, very, very sorry guys <3 https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxKailFyHQhnxUnIYB4AaABCQ

    Saying it not before I have to say it later > I will never tell you to contact me on Whatsapp or anything like that. Be aware of the impostors/scams!

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  5. hi, i have just started in this world and by now i only have my pc with 1 nvidia 1060 at 22.5 rate…which pool is good for begin ?? at the moment i usually set my pc on only about 6-7 hours at day. Thanks in advance.

  6. There was something I didn't quite get there. Are you guys saying if you are mining under 500MH/sec that you don't get penalized the transaction fee for taking the lowest payout possible? Right now I tend to take .1MH/sec because of the fee over .05MH. Could I take the .05MH and not be paying the fee anyhow?

  7. So, I have a question… Since Alex said that the only difference between higher and lower difficulty is the time consumtion, should I only mined in lower difficulity pool in order to get better amount of share?

  8. Jesus Christ GUYS!!! SLOW DOWN PLEASE….. This is impossible to follow!
    A few tips:
    1) Add three seconds of SILENCE behind every spoken sentence.
    2) Improve your intonation.
    3) Clarify the graphics that are displayed.

  9. I just started about 8 days ago and have tried Ethermine, NiceHash and Flexpool. I am around 170 mh/s with a 3090 and a laptop 3070 which gets 50 mh/s surprisingly. So far I found Flexpool to be by and far the best of them. NiceHash is ez but takes a huge cut, Ethermine is super slow on updates. I’m not 100% concerned with the fees, would they really be that big of a difference? Am I losing money by having 0.1 payout on Flexpool? Or is it such a small amount that it doesn’t matter? Sorry for all this LOL

  10. CUDA version: 11.0, CUDA runtime: 8.0
    No OpenCL platforms found
    Available GPUs for mining:
    GPU1: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (pcie 1), CUDA cap. 6.1, 6 GB VRAM, 10 CUs

    Press any key to continue . . .
    Please Help

  11. So I have an Rx 590 8GB GPU. I get about 31 Mh/s on phoenix miner with Ethermine as my pool. With 31 Mh/s with my memory clock at 2250 should I use ethermine or a different pool?

  12. Holy fuck the guy you brought to describe the payment was so damn hard to understand. I feel more dumb than before i started watching this video because of this guy. Just trying to figure out what he says due to his accent is hurting my head. Damn you could of got someone who actually speaks English lol

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