1. hello from the uk I got few helium miners but now I'm very interested in trying to start in the world of crypto mining
    what set up would you recommend for a beginner

  2. Thanks for another great video! Do you think there is any potential that Siacoin will hardfork and brick competitor miners like they did in the past or do you believe buying a current miner like the Goldshell HS5 is a safe investment?

  3. I ordered a CK5 from coin mining central. 2 months after the order I was wondering where my miner was 2 weeks after it was to ship to me and they informed me they had more orders than miners in the batch when they had origins put them up for sale. But despite 3 separate emails they never informed me my miner would not be shipped until last email sent yesterday. When you buy a miner, they tells you to pay within an hour to confirm your order, which I did the day I ordered it. So they knew I was not going to get my miner, but kept my money for 2 months before informing me. During that time profitability went up And they “received” another batch of the same miner which they offered at 2.5x what I paid when profitability was lower. I don’t know if they resold it to someone else at higher cost or not. They then offered me 2 miners . One at 50% of profitability of CK5 and one at 10% of profitability. The one at 50% they offered to me at 1500 pound more than the CK5. So they want me to pay more money , even though goldshell site has it at $1000 less than CK5. This people are evil, bait and switch and I only dealt with them because of Voskcoin endorsement but later on I’m so much amazed that I was able to get back all I spent to them with the help of junkywarriorscom team now I deal with this new site and get the coin in next 4 hours after payment

  4. 220 is a simple process, if you know even a little bit about electricity, outlets, and circuits. The problem with it is, people don't take the seriousness of it, and die working with it! You have to treat this install process, like you're cutting that red, blue, black or brown wire to disable that bomb (just like those old 80's TV shows!)! Yes, it's that serious! You F'ck up, you die….so if that's too much for you to handle, hire a professional! lol

  5. Martin again. The HS3-SE is still sold out. I wrote to Goldshell and they said that the KD5 has a silent switch on it. I live in a small house and I have to put the miner in the next room. Does the KD5 have a silent switch? I also just saw your video about helium. I live in Japan and I don't live in a hotspot area. I'm assuming don't do this. Also my place temp. is -5C~45C. What happens when you go outside the recommended temp.?

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  7. What would be the miner that I could get with 2000 dollars because it’s my first mining I’ve been using my pc now wanting to make more out of it.

  8. OMG! All I want a miner under 5k to mess around with. They are impossible to find. By the time all these miners get made and distributed, the stock will be overloaded, and miners will be EVERYWHERE……profits could tank by them. Still wouldn’t mind just nabbing a new legit miner. Even a simple Litecoin miner would be interesting. Anything I can’t buy off Amazon, I’m automatically skeptical. Didn’t expect this to be this hard. Just want to order one. Ugh.

  9. I divided my kwh used into my total bill and it looks like I'm paying 53 cents per kwh. I don't run miners, but I do have two pics that are always on and my electric bill is about 743 a month.

  10. dude, wheres your beginners intro to mining rigs or minimum requirements for mining… not just anybody can buy this…. Question would i be allowed to mine in New york city?? since theres so many Laws cock blocking crypto here

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