November Digest: CEX.IO Ecosystem Updates

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Faster and cheaper crypto transactions with Polygon 

CEX.IO integrated Polygon to provide faster, cost-efficient crypto deposits and withdrawals. Polygon also helps avoid delays in transferring funds during overload periods in the Ethereum network, which happen frequently.

You’ll be able to use your CEX.IO account as a bridge between Polygon and Ethereum networks. For instance, if you have ERC-20 MATIC tokens and want to transfer them to the Polygon wallet, you can do the following:

Deposit MATIC to CEX.IO
Withdraw them from CEX.IO to your Polygon wallet 

Polygon is also a cost-effective way to conduct your arbitrage transactions. We’re proud we can deliver our customers the range of services they deserve. 



Multi-chain support: deposit and withdraw crypto from different blockchains

Some crypto projects have their tokens built on different blockchains. Thus, USDT has ERC-20, TRC-20, and OMNI versions. The type of protocol in which the token works is essential for successful deposits and withdrawals. TRC-20 protocol doesn’t accept ERC-20 tokens and vice versa. So pay attention to the wallet address and token type when sending crypto.

Recently, CEX.IO launched multi-chain support for our wallets. That means you can now deposit and withdraw tokens of different types:

USDT (Ethereum + Tron) – deposit and withdrawal
USDC (Ethereum + Tron + Stellar) – deposit
USDC (Ethereum + Stellar) – withdrawal
NEO (NEO + NEO3) – deposit

Expansion: CEX.IO is now available in Virginia (U.S.)

Our Virginia users have experienced service restrictions due to applicable laws. Today we’re happy to announce we’ve obtained the necessary license and we’re active in Virginia again.

Customers from Virginia can now:

Buy crypto instantly 
Deposit and withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies 
Trade multiple crypto markets 

We welcome all Virginians to our big family!

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