1. Speaking of security, what's your opinion of the ledger nano wallet? I've been told it's one of the most secure wallets on market.

    Thanks, love your content. I'm new in this game and your vids have done much in helping me along

  2. so 1 worker is 1 mining rig, each one with its own motherboard and OS, and if you install HiveOS on every mining rig/worker you can control all of them from just 1 rig's screen? unlike with windows you would need a screen conected to every rig to monitor them, am i right?

  3. Thank you brooo <3 that was very helpfull !!!

    if you calculate everything debending costs correctly + 36$/Y HiveOS for one rig. it´s the moste rewarding option. it´s just my personal opinion i know everyone has his own preferences 🙂
    i am working on a 8gpu rig. sinc i live in germany not all GPUs are profitable and also very hard to get some NON LHR… that´s why decided to use 1660 super <3

  4. Hello, im new here, cool and very informative videos, thank you! I have a question about all these programs. My steps if i want to start mining are these: 1. I install Hive OS 2. I choose wallet 3. I choose a pool (etherminer for example) 4. I choose miner (T rex) 5. I overclock settings and i start mining? Is that right? And what is niechase its the same as Hive OS?

  5. Mining on Windows with Amd & Nvidia mixed rig running 10 gpus. My rig will be stable for days and then out of nowhere itll crash and amd drivers get all messed up. Factory reset install usually solves it but definitely a head ache. Always getting tdr video failure.

  6. I run Linux on every single machine I have except my gaming/editing rig I recently built. I was a bit worried about having bleeding edge gpu support so Windows is installed running nicehash. My question is, is this safe long term? Idk why but I constantly feel paranoid doing anything on Windows. I just don't want to compromise my machine anymore. I just don't trust the gui, I need confirmation from the terminal.

    Say something drastic did happen while in Windows, would I be able to live boot and install linux/erase disk from a clean PC on a clean USB or is there a chance it penetrates my actual hardware and I have to physically remove it?

  7. Great explanation of the OS for a noob like me. I have the Gigabyte z97x-UD7 TH with a Corsair CX 750 PSU and a GeForce GT 740 2gb to start. It used to be my Hackintosh computer 😃

  8. Great vid thank you.. im new to mining only bin mining this year on a pre built 2060 pc all has bin going well I'm useing windows 10 with nicehash just went out an got my self a new 2060 graphics card so now I'm running 2 cards doing about 62mhs on nicehash making about 4 pounds a day over in the UK 🇬🇧

  9. how do you manage undervolting on hiveos? as far as i know you cant fix the voltage and frequency on the core for rtx 3080 or 3090 cards. Also you cant have data for memory junction temperature, you have to check it on windows to be sure…

  10. I ma getting LA error in hiveos on connecting more than 3 GPU . I am using a Biostar tb360 btc pro motherboard
    2 power supply 1*450w and 1*850 watt . And 3*Rtx 3060 ti LHR 1*RTX3060 and 2*Rtx 2060 . Only able to connect 3 GPU not able to connect more than 3 getting a LA error .

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