Zilliqa Staking options with CEX.IO

Zilliqa Staking options with CEX.IO
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The CEX.IO team came to the industry at its dawn and grew deep expertise there. Since the beginning we strived to develop effective and user-friendly crypto solutions. Since our goal was to bring the crypto markets closer to everyone and we saw them becoming mainstream, just like conventional financial systems, we’ve set the benchmark standards for verification and transactions processing (AML/KYC). By now, being among the industry leaders, we are continuing to maintain those high standards for all the market participants.

But what’s most important here, being regulated, trusted, and one of the oldest world companies in the industry, we make sure that we bring to the industry a “high-quality” audience. 

What does it mean? CEX.IO has a strict approach to regulation. We are reviewed and regulated by multiple authorities across the globe. Hence, we maintain a healthy environment on our platform. Our customers are verified, legitimate industry participants. 

What’s more, CEX.IO services help customers grow and become advanced participants of the crypto ecosystem, which includes decentralized finance services. 


Customers’ growth starts from a simple buy crypto with a card, up to trading derivatives, making blockchain governance decisions through staking, and more. We bring up an educated customer who can foster further crypto adoption and industry growth.

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